Geoinform is proud to cooperate, share our experiences and skills obtained from operations, to help with the R&D of OFS tools, both in-house and with partner companies. As a professional partner Geoinform participated in the development of Zerlux Ltd.’s new FULL HD Borehole Camera.  

What makes the new Zerlux camera unique is the new data transmission method. „Traditional” cameras in the hydrocarbon and geothermal industries use normal electromechanical cables to transmit the video sign. These cables have very limited data transmission capacities, especially in the case of HD data, thus the result is only a low quality Black and White video.

The use of optical cables and the technological development of digital data compression in the field, now enables the transmission of colorful, live, FULL HD photo and videos. The Zerlux tool uses a normal sensor with applied heat protection which enables operation up to 180°C. The tool has built-in lithium batteries. The energy consumption is very low due to the use of modern ICs and sensors.

The camera can be used in gas and water wells to provide live FULL HD video investigation. The Zerlux camera provides quick & reliable support to identify parts retained in the borehole/well, in addition it delivers valuable information (which cannot be obtained in any other way) for the planning of a fishing job. The camera is also useful for the examination of tubings, and the monitoring of potential downhole obstruction.

Geoinform contributed to the development of the tool by setting tool specifications to comply with hydrocarbon industry standards, setting optical data acquisition and transmission requirements, and conducting field tests.

For Zerlux HD Borehole Camera services Geoinform provides the logging trucks assembled with optical cables.