Mud logging

The Mud Logging Services include all the key components for a successful job. From the design stage to the completion of the job using job design software, up-to-date equipment, monitoring and controlling systems, certified on-site specialist and reporting systems.

Geoinform’s Mud Logging Service Line operates two different types of unit. One of them is a normal mud logging unit and the other one is a pressurized (off-shore) unit with an in-house developed data acquisition system, called GeoDARTS.

Our experts are ready to assist you from the planning phase to perform a safe job which will fulfil your request.

Acquisition of drilling data

  • Provide a record of Lithology and Formations penetrated.
  • Provide a record (and evaluation if required) of all Formation fluids in mud.
  • Record and monitor drilling parameters.
  • Immediately alert and/or inform  the competent person (Company’s representatives/drilling crew) of any change of measured parameters and formations that indicate  fatal / dangerous situations or technical failure as determined in the pre-arranged program.

Time Data Viewer - Remote Data Access

Geoinform Ltd. has a in-hpouse developed solution including MYSQL database management system.

Obtaining real-data Access (GeoDarts)

All kinds of recorded data which is generated by a basic PC system can be accessed in real- time through „window by window” forwarding.

Gas System

The gas data provided by the mud logging service (qualitative analysis of hydrocarbons from C1 to nC5) is one of the first sources of information when drilling a well.

In order to maintain a safe working environment, it is required to know the presence of dangerous or other (inert) gases coming up from the layers. Besides the hazardous gases (H2S, CO2, all flammable gases) which are continuously being monitored in the working environment, we pay attention to the presence of non-HC gases dissolved in the mud. If we monitor the appropriate parameters, we can get further information about the layer content.

Geological Services – Sampling and evaluation

  • Collection, washing, drying, bagging and labelling of formation samples. (Lag-time adjusted samples).
  • Description and microscopic examination of samples to determine lithology and percentage of constituents. Fluoroscopic examination of samples (direct and with appropriate solvents) and solvent analysis for HC content.
  • Assisting the Clients’ Geologist in the recovery, sampling, description and packing, labeling and handling of cores.
  • Fluoroscopic examination of the core samples for HC-content
  • Core degassing of the pieces selected by the Client’s Geologist
  • Calcimetry and dolomimetry for carbonate content. (Min 1-1 from pieces taken from characterized parts of core.)
  • Core wrapping (Aluminium foil, plastic foil, paraffin wax, heating system).
  • Professional storage of core samples

Special Services

Overpressure detection service

Geoinform can, upon request, assign an experienced, qualified Pore Pressure Engineer, who is competent and well versed in all relevant matters such as drilling methods, kick control, over pressure detection and pore pressure evaluation.

Gas log interpretation Service

We could assign an experienced, qualified Gas Log Interpretation Engineer, who is competent and well versed in all relevant matters such the identification of liberated gas, analysis of gas in mud, gas-in corrections, gas ratio analysis and evaluation of down hole fluid characteristics from surface fluid analysis.

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