Managing Director


Péter Baranyi

Chief Engineering

In 1983 Péter Baranyi began his career at the predecessor of Geoinform as a field engineer, and later became the Chief Engineer of the Well Logging services in Nagykanizsa. Peter led the in-house development of Open and Cased Hole well logging data acquisition system (hardware and software) which was later sold to other OFS companies in CEE region. In 2000 he became the Leader of Well Test services. Based on his advanced knowledge of Well Logging systems he designed and built new PLC based data acquisition system for surface well test equipment and had a leading role in designing new generation 3-phase separators and heaters to meet advanced industry requirements. Since 2012 Péter Baranyi is responsible for all of the field operation of Geoinform Ltd. He’s commitment to innovation is key to the continuous development of Geoinform. Péter Baranyi holds MSc degrees in geophysics and electric engineering. He speaks fluent English.

János Bock

Business Development Manager

János Bock began his career at the predecessor of Geoinform as a field engineer in 1980; his first field of operation was open hole logging. Then soon started to work with production logging, which was a new service at the company. Since 1985 he worked as operation manager and lead cased hole operations in Nagykanizsa. From 1988 till 1997 worked as a well logging manager in Nagykanizsa, during which period the analog logging systems were replaced by digital ones, first pipe conveyed logging was performed in a horizontal well and first tubing conveyed perforation was run by Geoinform. From 1997 till 1999 he worked as the chief engineer of Geoinform. From 2000 till 2012 he worked as well logging manager in Szolnok. He established and successfully operated Branch Offices in Syria and lead a successful 4 years project, during which well logging and mud logging services were provided for the Syrian Petroleum Company, INA and Dublin. Since 2012 János Bock is responsible for the domestic and international business development activities of Geoinform. His client focus and devotion to problem solving creates solid basis for identifying and serving customers’ technical needs effectively and flexibly. János Bock holds MSc degrees in geophysics and economics. He speaks English and Russian.

István Filep

Chief Finance Officer