Geoinform, as a company committed to innovation, has made and is making several developments based on years of field and maintenance experience and knowledge. During the second half of the 90s, we built the DWL (Digital Well Logging) PC based data acquisition, storage and display system, which replaced the analog tools which were still being used; and served to completely renew CH systems. This was when we replaced the electrical circuits of the outdated Gearhart CBL probe, which was made with vacuum tube technology.

In 2011 as a result of our development, we created our new HT CBL tool, which is unique in its territory, because it can be used up to 200 °C. We renewed our standard temperature CCL-GR-CBL probe inventory as well. The renewal of the total GR-CCL probe inventory is in progress as well as the remodeling and manufacturing of over 20 probes.

Major changes and development occurred in the field of Well Testing (WT) in the 2000s as well, the momentum of which culminated during our operations in Iraq, and is still in effect to this day. As a part of this, together with our supplying partner Oiltech, we developed a new H2S resistant 3-phase separator system and a new heater, which proved themselves in the most demanding technical challenges (>40% H2S).

Currently, our largest development project aims at comprehensively renewing the measurement and data acquisition technologies of Mud Logging (ML); its result is our new data collection system called GeoDARTS.