Slickline Services

Nowadays, the industry is defined by the cost cutting and budget limits. Slickline isreliable expense saving method for maintaining the well and recording basic information. Without the need of a workover or a major change on the surface facility even in remote places, Geoinform provides solutiions to increase production and well life with its Slickline services.

Depth precision operation can deliver downhole samples and information; IT also manipulates the well with interventions such as setting and removing nipples. We offer you time saving solutions to prevent future losses and unnecessary costs.

Intervention Services


Slickline can help you to identify and fix mechanical anomalies, set and recover plugs and recover free passage in the tubing. Removing paraffin from wall and gauging the ID of the pipe help you to increase your production rate as well as your well life. We can determine your fluid level and bottom to understand more of your well condition.

Memory Logging

We offer time and cost efficient way of recording data such as pressure and temperature by memory gauges on Slickline conveyance. Without the need for change on the surface system, this recording method can suit for your accomplished wells.

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