Wireline services

Geoinform provide wireline services for decades in several countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. We ensure our customers satisfaction with the latest technologies form world-wide leading companies such as Halliburton, Baker Hugh, Sondex, Owen and DynaEnergetics.

Cased Hole Services

VSP Services 

Open Hole Logging Services

Wireline Open Hole logging provides a wide spectrum of different petrophysical and mechanical measurements, in order to collect downhole information during the drilling phase of a well. The reliable high resolution logs are depth adjusted.


Exploration and appraisal drilling still remain a big challenge these days. In order to understand the formation’s parameters, design or fine tune the next steps of the project – minimizing the economic risk – it is imperative to acquire downhole data such as fluid content of the reservoir.

Furthermore, acquiring Open Hole data will help you to more accurately design completion or plan production methods.


We believe that communication and cooperation with the client are key elements for a successful job. Our seasoned experts are ready to help you from the planning phase to perform a safe job that will fulfil your needs.

Geoinform has provided wireline services for decades in several countries in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. We ensure our customers satisfaction with the latest technologies from world-wide leading companies such as Halliburton and Baker Hughes.

Nuclear Logging

Nuclear logging provides you a safe characterization of your reservoir. Acquiring types of data such as the location of clay layers, porosity and fluid saturation are all first steps in mapping downhole characteristics. Combined with other services, this enables the analyses of the lithology, and give you a bigger picture of your assets’ value in the early stages of the life your well.


Resistivity Logging

Resistivity logging provides important information into understanding the lithology. Due to technology development, resistivity data can now be acquired from deeper sections thereby minimizing the effect of the borehole fluid. Due to the differential in the resistivity of the formation fluids as they change, this measurement could help in determining the water and the hydrocarbon present.

Acoustic Logging

Acoustic logging acquires important geomechanical characteristics of the reservoir and the surrounding rock which can be used when calculating the properties of your reservoir. This data is essential when developing techniques for hydraulic fracking or seismic tie in.


Geological Services

These services provide you with a high-resolution image of the borehole wall, enabling you to define important structural information (azimuth, dip, fault and more) and clearly shows any fractures.


Other Open Hole Services

We believe that proper planning is the best way to perform safely in the field. In order to achieve our operational standards we use one of the worldwide reputable softwares to investigate the possibilities of fulfilling your request, be it either logging in deviated or horizontal wells or dealing with high temperature and high pressure.

We can help you to learn more about your borehole after drilling with our mechanical services which give you a better understanding towards designing completion as well as cementing.


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