Core Storage

Geoinform provides unique professional core sample storage and examination services in the CEE region. Our core warehouse facility is based in Szolnok. This complex has several separated storage buildings (hangars) and a Superhangar available for the Clients to review and work with the cores in clean, modern and safe working environment. In the separated rooms of the Superhangar we can clean, cut and prepare the cores for further investigation.


The storage hangars protect the core samples and cuttings from weather conditions. During wintertime a heated storage facility can also be provided. Thanks to the reliable database, the specially designed show room and availability of the necessary tools, the core sample review can be organized fast and easily. Our experienced staff are on hand to support you.

Geoinform also provides digital archiving of the core samples as a daily routine. For this purpose natural/ spectral gamma measurements, core photos and core scanner are available in our facility.

Core and sample management

  • Core samples handling and preparation for examinations.
  • Core samples and cuttings replacing after laboratory analyses.
  • Updating and changing the core samples and cuttings data in the core and cutting library database,
  • Registration of the new information and descriptions in digital database.

Special services

  • Spectral G/R measurement of the core samples
  • Core photo: taking photos of the core samples by digital camera (under natural and UV light).
  • Core scanner
  • Cut core (by axis)
  • Core review: preparation for the review and further assistance during the job of the Geological Core Supervision Team.
  • Shipment: Shipment of the selected core samples to Company’s laboratories/CT analysis.
  • Inner barrel, inner tube (steel, aluminium) cutting, removal
  • Core slabbing (longitudinal cutting)
  • Core slab embedding in resin
  • Our Core Storage crew has professional background and experience to serve our Clients’ best interest.

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