Cased Hole Logging Services

Cased-hole logging provides services to minimalize risks by identifying problems which could occur during completion or over time. It enables measurements that look beyond the casing to evaluate the cement conditions or give an accurate picture of the corrosion inside the pipe.

Whether you need information on the flow in the well or the reservoir behind the casing, our service provides the relevant information so you can maximize the life of your well, and optimize your production from the start to the end of operations.

Monitoring the flow and the well environment could help you identify unexpected distribution or bypassed pay from the reservoir. Having information on well behaviour is essential in order to increase the production and the lifetime of the well.

Our experts are ready to help you to design the perforation job whenever your wells have a complex completion or deviated well path. Whether you have high temperature or pressure, we could help you with our mechanical services in unexpected situations.

We believe that cooperation is the answer for the most challenging questions. Minimizing the risk by providing accurate measurements and well-designed mechanical operations ensures that our customers are satisfied.

Well integrity

We provide tools to evaluate cement bond, or the casing and tubing corrosion to spot any disturbance in order to help our customers maintain long term well integrity.

Production Logging

An accurate evaluation of the well flow helps our customers understand their reservoir behaviour, optimize production and close out water flooded zones.


With perforation, we create a hydraulic connection between the formation and the wellbore. Optimizing the life of a well depends on careful planning and a precise perforation operation. After perforation, all connections with the reservoir (production, injection, formation stimulation) are performed through the perforations.

  • Layer openings are performed with cumulative perforations and their associated carriers in different diameters.
  • We have outstanding experience in executing perforation operations using TCP (Tubing Conveyed Perforation) method in deviated or horizontal wells.
  • Full administration of blasting and transport permits as well as storage facilities and transport availability with respect to explosives.

Technical blasting operations

We are able to meet the requirements of various technical challenges by using explosive technology. These methods can quickly and efficiently solve and eliminate arising technical problems.

  • Bridge plug, packer or cement retainer setting.
  • Tubing cutting with chemical or cumulative cutter.
  • Drill Pipe cutting with special cutter charge.

All the specialized employees of Geoinform Ltd. have the necessary qualifications and experience for the safe execution of explosive operations and the Company has all the necessary licences and permits.

Other Mechanical Services

We provide a wide spectrum of different mechanical services during your well workover period. Whether you have to close out zones, open new ones or you have the need for Plug and Abandonment involving pipe retrieval, we believe our services will be satisfactory for you.

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