Well Testing Services

Well Testing acquires invaluable information for both exploration and production (including Underground Gas Storage) professionals. Through accurate job design, execution and evaluation, Geoinform measures and delivers key information about the true reservoir value under dynamic conditions.

We deliver measured data to answer critical questions such as “Whether the given zone produces oil and or gas? What is the exact volume? What is the composition of the produced material? How long the well will produce and what the pressure level will be? Is it worth further investing in the well to increase the flow rate?


Geoinform’s well testing professionals have proven their capabilities in harsh conditions i.e. High Pressure/High Temperature, high concentration of sour gases (CO2, H2S up to even 40%) and remote locations. Geoinform has in-house Slickline service to support Well Testing operation.

As the leading Well Testing service provider in Central and Eastern Europe Geoinform delivers reliable and safe solutions for any challenging well testing operation.

Surface Well Testing, sampling services

Geoinform has modern portable, modular well testing systems with quick rig-up. The key element of each of our systems is the in-house developed state-of-the-art H2S proof 3-phase separator. We use metering units from world leading companies to measure the inevitable data during test production (pressure, temperature, volume of water, oil and gas), while we process and store the acquired data in our in-house developed PLC based Data Aquisition System. Our storage tank fleet ensures safe storage of produced oil on a temporary basis.

Upon request we can analyse the surface samples (taken by our crew) in our on-site deployed Lab Container. Also, Geoinform has certified laboratory partners to quickly analyse the downhole samples taken by our modern downhole tools.

Geoinform developed special solutions and equipment to handle extreme parameters of geothermal wells (huge flow rate, high temperature) during Well Testing.

Extended Well Testing and Early Production

Extended Well Testing provides information on the long term behaviour of the reservoir. This invaluable information serves as a basis for preparing an optimal production regime for the well. The knowledge of this information significantly mitigates future risks. The test is also suitable for evaluating the effectiveness of planned treatment methods of sand/erosion problems in the surface facility. Our 2 and 3-phase separators serve as the key elements of these systems.

Geoinform has outstanding experience in the design, rig-up and operation of Early Production Test (EPT) systems. EPT systems provide solutions to put the well into commercial production when the Client’s permanent production facility has not yet been built. Geoinform has all the crucial elements of an EPT such as properly selected separator, boiler, heater, heated storage tank, etc. The energy needs of the EPT system can be served by the utilization of the produced and separated associated gases.

Geoinform’s EPT systems enable the Clients to earn “early cash-flow” through the safe and cost effective production of the wells.

Drill Stem Testing Services

Drill Stem Testing (DST) provides solutions for direct identification of hydrocarbon during the drilling phase. Geoinform has outstanding experience in this area proven by the successfull execution of more than 1,000 DST jobs.

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Other Well Test Services