The most important task of Geoinform’s Maintenance branch is to provide reliable tools for jobs in the field.

Fourteen highly qualified colleagues work in the electric and mechanic groups of the maintenance crew. Several of our maintenance engineers received trainings from manufacturers (Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Sercel) in the USA, where they could get familiar with the operation and maintenance of tools. Our engineers and technicians receive periodic trainings.

Our well-equipped maintenance workshop is located in Szolnok. In addition to factory test equipment, we have a special oven to test heat tolerance and a testing pad to test pressure tolerance in a separate pressure test workshop. A test-well provides a final testing option for checking equipment after maintenance.

Preventive and troubleshooting maintenance and the factors and circumstances of failures are recorded in our electronic maintenance database, this way the individual life of all equipment can be traced by Maintenance.

Experience and knowledge accumulated by maintenance is also used by our Development team.