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Geoinform has been providing wireline services for decades in several countries in Europe and the Middle East. We ensure our customers satisfaction with the latest technologies form world leading companies such as Halliburton, Baker Hugh, Sondex, Owen and DynaEnergetics.

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VSP Logging Services

By using Vertical Seismic Profiling methods, the seismic image can be further sharpened to identify the target reservoirs. Results of the measurements provide valuable information for the final seismic processing and helps the petrophysical interpretation.

We provide a wide spectrum of borehole seismic services.

  • Checkshot VSP
  • Zero offset VSP
  • Offset VSP
  • Walkaway VSP
  • 2D seismic combined with Walkaway VSP
  • 3D VSP

VSP Check Shot

Check shot survey is a method to measure the travel time of seismic signal from source - on the surface - to the receiver in the well bore, from which the velocity of the direct wave can be determined. The sources are located near the well head, and data is recorded from different levels, as pre-determined by the exploration plan. The results of the survey are mainly used for calibrating the seismic stack sections.

VSP Zero Offset

The Zero Offset VSP can provide more information than the checkshot survey, because the VSP data are recorded at much smaller spatial sampling intervals. The source point is within 100 m from the wellbore. As result, giving a time-depth relationship and a corridor stack are correlated with surface seismic.

VSP Offset

The technology of measuring is almost the same as Zero offset VSP. The difference is that the source points are located along an offset line or some distance from well. The goal of the measurement is to have seismic information from further offsets.  

Walkaway VSP

At the walkaway VSP the sources are on a pre-defined line at the surface, and there are receivers on several levels in the well. The main advantage of this measurement is to provide more accurate seismic information of the reservoir.

Walkaway VSP combined with 2D mini seismic

This is a special type of seismic survey using VSP methods. The sources are located in the same way as the walkaway VSP. The seismic data is recorded in the borehole and on the surface at same time.
The W-VSP combined with mini 2D seismic results a higher resolution section than surface seismic data and provides more coverage.

This type of measurement is the most cost effective since we can get the most seismic information with one-off cost of equipment,

Our experts are ready to help you from the planning phase through to execution.


During 3D VSP measurements, the sources are located an area around the borehole. During the measurement, like the walkaway VSP, the waves are recorded on several levels.

The final result of the measurement is a 3-dimensional image that allows a detailed spatial analysis of the reservoirs.

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